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Proactive Maintenance Program

Proactive Maintenance Program

NV Roofing is built around the idea that the best way to meet the customers’ goal of driving out unnecessary costs and eliminating waste is to proactively manage roofing assets. The key element of roof management is having professionals inspect those assets on a regular basis.

To provide that service, NV Roofing offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to ensure that your roofing system is performing as intended. Proper roof maintenance is the best way to ensure the maximum life cycle of your roofing system.

NV Roofing will perform a detailed semi-annual roof maintenance inspection. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that all critical areas of the roofing system (roof membrane/shingles, caulking, sealants, flashings, coping, drains, scuppers, vents, flues, expansion joints, edge metal, pitch pockets, penetrations, etc.) are performing properly and keeping your building water tight.

A comprehensive report is then generated and presented to the customer with priorities, pricing and recommendations for the customer’s approval. The initial roof analysis and condition report will include the following:

  • Drawing indicating roof layout
  • Overview of roof system make and deck configuration
  • List of roof deficiencies categorized by significance
  • Digital color photographs of listed deficiencies
  • Emergency response for natural disasters; such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe weather. NV Roofing will assist you in compiling the necessary information for insurance claims.
  • Thermal imaging is available upon request for an additional cost. This service provides infrared moisture detection – a key to the prevention of mold growth.

All roofs require regular inspections and periodic maintenance to maximize their service life. It is important to assist owners in establishing a regular and beneficial roof inspection and maintenance program. This essential area of responsibility for the business owner can provide many long-term benefits; including extended life expectancy of the roofing system, reduced repair costs and prevention of major deterioration resulting from minor problems.

To schedule a comprehensive roof inspection or enroll in our maintenance program, please contact one of our courteous roofing professionals at 703.820.3077

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