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Qualifications for Sales Candidates

* Sales ability: Looking for people that fit the “one call close” mindset.

* Sales Training: What type of formal sales training or classes have you taken?

* Writing contracts: Need to have experience in filling out contracts and the ability to write in phrases to specifically depict the work that is to be performed and phrases to protect both the company and the customer.

* Estimating: Must have experience in accurately creating budgets for construction projects.  A firm understanding on material and labor costs and how profit margins are calculated.

* Product knowledge: We expect our Salespeople to be the industry experts that our customers, suppliers, crews, and office staff can count on to recommend the right product to solve the customers need.

* Computer skills: Must have experience with Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).  Must know how to type efficiently.  Needs to know how to perform basic organizational tasks on computers (creating files, documents, emailing attachments etc.).

* Communication skills: This is an often undervalued trait that successful Salespeople must possess in order to be successful.  Clearly communicating a message to someone is not just talking.  It is ensuring that the other person understands what you are saying.  It involves listening to what someone is saying, the tone in which they use, as well as observing their body language.  This skill needs to be used proficiently in person as well as over the phone and through email.

* Problem solver: We are looking for individuals that are here to help themselves, their team, and their customers.  Problems arise every day in this business.  We need individuals to be forward thinking and prevent problems before they occur.  This requires prior planning to forecast how situations will arise from a particular action.  Combative attitudes do not work when problem solving.  Understand that your job is to overcome problems.  A customer in our business is in need of our service because they have a problem.  How are you going to help them overcome this?

* Do’er vs. Complainer: Undoubtedly you will be faced with an unpleasant circumstance.  Complainers will do just that, complain about their circumstance.  Do’ers go a step further, they fix it.  This is where you gain value with our team, being able to fix those circumstances or to have the right frame of mind to cope with the things that can not be changed.  

* Availability for work: Our Salespeople need to be flexible on the hours that they are available.  Appointments are scheduled when the Customer is available to meet with us.  This could be early morning, or later in the evening.  We meet with Customers Monday through Saturday.  Additional time will be required prior to and after appointments to gather samples, prepare proposals, complete contract packages to turn into the office, research, meetings with crews or support staff, etc.  In short, we do what it takes to service the Customer appropriately.

* Personality Test


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