4 Ways To Utilize Your Attic Space!

Are you reaping the benefits of your attic space? We have all been there before: you climb the attic ladder and peek your head in only to see a vast, dusty room filled with a couple boxes (a completely unused room). Or, maybe your attic is packed with junk and needs to be organized so that you can get rid of clutter and store things properly. In any case, with proper attic cleanup and renovation there are a lot of things you can do with your attic to take advantage of that extra space in your home or even add… Read More

Getting a new roof? Make Sure The Cost Measures Up (The Truth About Roofing Prices)

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you’ve no doubt stumbled across advertisements that say “50% off!” or “Zero dollars down!” Almost every roofer advertises in this way because it’s effective. But it can be somewhat misleading. Claims like these can make you unsure of what to believe. One important thing to keep in mind when looking at prices for a new roof is that you get what you pay for. At the end of the day, roofing materials cost money, and the labor to install them costs money. While prices will vary somewhat based on a number… Read More

Spring is Here so it’s Time to Call a Reliable Arlington Roofer

Northern Virginia residents are waving goodbye to winter, as temperatures continue to warm up with the onset of spring. Accuweather.com posted an article recently about how the weather will continue to be unpredictable in the coming weeks, but will definitely be calmer than the previous months: Spring will tease the Midwest and East briefly Friday into Saturday and again early next week, due to a couple of milder air. While the pattern won’t be free of precipitation everywhere and will be interrupted by chilly air mainly on Sunday, the temporary break in the pattern will allow folks to get outdoors.… Read More

How Metal Roofs Increase Home Value

You could face tough competition when you decide to sell your house. According to reports, the number of houses for sale in the US, including those in Virginia, is continuing to increase, even in areas that regularly experience severe weather conditions. This is why it’s important to ensure your home stands out from the rest. There are steps that you can take to make your property more attractive to buyers, including increasing its curb appeal, doing repairs, and replacing a few standard features. One of the best renovation projects that will surely increase a home’s value is roof replacement. If… Read More

Roof Repair in Leesburg: Just One Way to Prevent Falls in the Elderly

Many children send their parents to nursing homes where they feel their loved ones can be better cared for by a dedicated staff. However, a survey conducted by AARP, a nonprofit organization advocating the welfare of older citizens, reveals 95% of people over the age of 65 want to stay in their own home for as long as possible, a preference often called “aging in place.” While living unassisted gives greater independence to retirees, their advanced age also increases the likelihood of falls from occurring. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released these telling numbers: (more…) Read More

Get the Most of Your Roof: Grounds for Needing Roof Repair in Herndon

Year in and year out, the roof over your head takes a beating from winds, rain, snow and hale, while holding itself up to keep both your family and possessions safe from the elements. While most roofs are sturdy enough to last 15-25 years before needing to be replaced, at some point, wear and tear takes a toll and if not addressed timely, can shorten the roof’s lifespan. If you want to get the most out of your roof, take note of these common reasons why you need to go for regular maintenance and roof repair in Herndon: Flashing About.com… Read More

Alexandria Roofing Experts: Is A Complete Tear Off On Your Way?

The city of Alexandria is described to be a humid subtropical climate, particularly with humid summers and cool winters. Such changes in the weather can take a toll on the service life of your roof. If you don’t make it a habit to check your roof regularly, then a complete tear off may be on your way. If you ask any of the reliable Alexandria roofing experts listed in the neighborhood, they will tell you that annual roof inspections are necessary to ensure your roof remains in tiptop condition. Yahoo! Voices, in this excerpt, describes the tell-tale signs of a… Read More

Choosing Appropriate Material: Fairfax Roof Repair Expert Tells How

Roof replacement is considered a costly home improvement project, but with the right resources at hand, you can cut back on expenses. While aesthetic appeal is important, this should not be the only deciding factor. Seasoned Fairfax roof repair experts will tell you that materials and installation costs also contribute to the entire selection process. An excerpt from an E-How.com article discusses the salient factors to consider when choosing the appropriate roofing material: (more…) Read More

Solar Roofs From Arlington Roofers: Helping To Deter Climate Change

It's not easy reading the news nowadays without encountering the global epidemic that is climate change. With oppressive temperatures, droughts, and other exceptional and sometimes bizarre natural occurrences, there is no doubt that this shift in climate patterns is affecting every part of the planet. You can't shut it down or stop it by a simple snap of a finger; it's happening right in front of you and continues to slowly annihilate the earth even as you sleep. The only responsible thing to do is to follow through a number of sensible solutions designed to slow down the march of… Read More

Northern Virginia Roof Repair: Your Answer to Storm-Damaged Roofs

No matter how tough your roofing system is, nature's unpredictable ferocity can still rip the covering off your roofing frame as it could topple a foundation. Strong winds can blow tiles off your roof, hail can strip granules off the shingles, falling trees can poke large holes on the structure, and water can seep through a fractured underlayment and rot the deck below it. In fact, a family in Hawaii had to flee their home after strong winds managed to blow the roof off their home. A January 2 article published in Hawaii News Now gives an account of the… Read More

Inspect Your Leesburg Roofing System Before Winter Dumps More Snow

Old Man Winter decided to give Leesburg children an early Christmas present this year. According to a report from Leesburg Today, the historic town was recently covered in a thick blanket of snow, causing public schools to call off classes last December 9, 2013: The first phase of the season's first winter storm has covered Loudoun County with snow, with forecasters warning of ice and freezing rain to follow this overnight. Snowfall was heavier to the west, with more than three inches of snow in Leesburg and more than four inches in Round Hill by 1 p.m. Crews are working… Read More

Proper Roof Repair in Herndon, VA and Other Home Winterization Tips

According to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, winters in Virginia can be punishing: “Winters in Virginia can mean snow or subfreezing temperatures, as well as strong winds or even ice or heavy rain storms. Winter weather can knock out heat, power and communications services to your home or office, sometimes for days at a time.” To prepare for adverse winter conditions, homeowners will need to update their emergency supply kits, and store adequate clothing and blankets to keep the family warm. Homes need to be winterized during the fall to ensure greater energy savings when the temperatures plummet. Gutters… Read More

Alexandria Roofing Basics: Picking the Right Shingles for Your Home

Dale Yalanovsky's article for SFGate.com identifies several important factors to consider when choosing the best shingles for one’s home. Yalanovsky points out that unlike other roofing products, shingles come in a variety of materials, styles, and colors, which makes choosing a bit more challenging. With several factors like cost, climate, and style to take into account, you need to pick a shingle style that is likely to last and boost the beauty of your home. Yalanovsky shares the following tip to calculate the potential material cost: Determine the cost. Use a tape measure to measure the approximate square footage of… Read More

Gutter Protection: Proper Solutions from Fairfax Roof Repair Experts

Regardless of the season, gutters require adequate protection from debris. Dead leaves, tree branches, and other things may pile up on your roof and clog the gutter, forcing water to back up, seep through the shingles, and penetrate the underlying spaces. Rosalind Jackson's article for HowStuffWorks.com explains how a gutter guard functions to prevent large debris from blocking gutters. Among other things, a gutter protection system helps reduce the frequency of gutter cleanup. You know that old couple down the street from you—they're really too old to climb up on a ladder to do home maintenance activities. It never fails,… Read More

Stave Off the Winter Chill with the Help of Trusted Arlington Roofers

Even though winter has already arrived, it’s not yet too late for households to minimize the potential damage snow and ice will inflict on their properties. Kimberly Lankford from the business publication Kiplinger lists down a few maintenance tips that can help homeowners reduce the inevitable winter repair costs, as well as ensure the safety of their loved ones during the season. One of the most important tips Lankford mentions is the removal of snow on rooftops: If a lot of snow accumulates, your roof could collapse -- especially flat roofs or the roof over porches and additions. You shouldn’t… Read More
hail damage repair

Hail Damage Repair- Repairing Hail Damage to Roofs

Repairing Hail Damage to Roofs: While most hail storms produce tiny frozen pellets that bounce harmlessly off your house's roof, some hail storms produce large, heavy chunks of ice that can cause some serious damage. Hail damage repair should be undertaken as soon as you notice it to prevent bigger problems from occurring. Determining Hail Damage If you think your roof has been damaged by hail, your first step should be to call your homeowner's insurance agent. Hail damage repair is typically covered by your insurance. Whether or not insurance covers the total cost of the repair depends on the… Read More

The Best Roofing Company at the Right Price

The Best Roofing Company at the Right Price: New Roof or Repairs  The first reaction to either having a new roof installed or needing to repair an existing one, can for many homeowners create a sensation that borders on panic!  Generally, the first thought is directly related to cost.  This is followed closely by where to get the best roofing company and the potential inconvenience. As a homeowner, or a potential one, you should be aware that one of the most crucial structures of your house or any other building is the roof!  Therefore, at least once a year, it should… Read More
All About Green Roofs- Northern Virginia Roofing

All about Green Roofs

All about Green Roofs: If you've ever visited certain government or university buildings in places like Chicago or Virginia, you may have noticed something interesting about a few of the buildings themselves. Specifically, that the buildings may have what appears to be grass, plants, shrubs, or trees growing from the tops. These are known as green roofs, or living roofs and they offer several advantages over standard roofing materials. What Is a Green Roof? In its simplest terms, a green roof is a layer of vegetation grown on top of a building. Depending upon how the roof is laid out,… Read More

Northern Virginia Roofing Contractors: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Proof of Virginia’s growing interest in adopting wholesale solar energy is Dominion Virginia Power’s ongoing project to install 2,000 solar panels in an industrial building in Gloucester. “When operational in the first quarter of 2014, the fixed panels on the Gloucester plant’s roof should generate more than 500 kilowatts — half a megawatt — of electricity, enough to power about 125 homes, the utility said.” According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, this was done as part of Dominion’s Solar Partnership Program that aims to provide solar power, on-leased space, for commercial and public properties. This is nothing new as far as… Read More

Hire Reputable Leesburg Roofing Contractors to Get Excellent Results

Most people list "Having a roof over my head" as one of life's essentials—and there's a reason for that. It's not just a matter of practicality or aesthetics (though both of those play a part). Your roof is what keeps you and your family safe from the sun and snow, lightning and rain. So cozy up with the knowledge that once your roof is in tip-top shape, it will stay that way for years to come. The above excerpt comes from a SheKnows Home & Garden article, and discusses the many benefits of having a sturdy roof over your head.… Read More